we are bringing returned 6-2d looping films and the community that liked them.

you realize the drill: upload from your digital camera roll or use the byte digital camera to capture stuff. stay under the time restriction and get lost inside the loop. discover what’s cherished through the community, handpicked by way of our human editors, or simply served up at random. There are masses of methods to discover surprising new personalities, voices, and moments.

Byte celebrates life, community, and natural creativity.

Nostalgia is our beginning point, but wherein we go subsequent is as much as you. to feature your perspective, join our forum (community.Byte.Co) or leave a review and let us recognize what you’d like to see. every body says it, however we truely mean it: we read *everything*.

thanks for reading and being right here. we are excited to create with you.

would not paintings. It changed into a mistake to replicate TikTok. Introduce a 1:1 record option – desires DMs – ban bot conduct I’m kinda sick of seeing the same people on the famous page all of the time. 1) numerous them get there cos all of them rebyte each different, 2) having extra followers shouldn’t suggest they hold hitting the popular page. Their reward is lots of followers, they do not also want to be driven to anyone else ALL THE TIME. You need to undo the damage of the beta testers.


Glad this kinda (simple) element is right here again. But the timing is janky in comparison to the regarded timestamps of real tap/launch and I’m sure it doesn’t need to be. Cuts an excellent fraction of a 2d earlier than you permit off. Not gonna blame the hardware. Also has a tendency to eat the digicam app so nothing can use it however that would be Samsung’s fault.

STILL can’t check in with Apple ID!! The developers cannot appear to parent it out. Missing masses of simple features, and has a broken account system. Created your account with an Apple ID? Well, you can in no way check in to that account on Android, apparently. The developers never concept about that one?! This app’s rating will preserve to drop!

Byte is the pleasant app for making motion pictures Pros: Welcoming Community, Funny Videos, Easy to apply interface. Cons: No video filters or results Must use third Party app, Hopefully, the capability to use filters And effects will be introduced in destiny updates. Now with all of that stated I could Like to see in future updates the potential to make longer motion pictures if I want to and in an effort to react to different peoples Videos. P.S. I might additionally Like for there to be a beta version of the app 🎉Thank you byte team🎉

hey there! it is been a while, but most effective because we have been working difficult for you lovely people:

– new: beats! you could have heard approximately this out of your ios friends, however it is finally here on android. This took quite a few paintings to get right, but we think you’ll like it
– fix: exported loops now not always as seamless as they must be
– fix: remark editing
– fix: phantom rebyte icon
– fix: crash trying to import too-quick video
– fix: various other bugs

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